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Get Crafty with Louks

Come for a private tour of our facility, get to know us, our beer and even get a chance to create your own.

The Tour

Looking to get into craft beer? Ever wondered how craft beer was made? Want to get to know us better? We are opening our doors and offering a behind the scenes look at how we craft our beer and what goes into bringing it from vat to tap. Book a private tour of our taproom for a one-on-one interactive experience with one of our brewers. You’ll get to see how our beer is made, learn all about the nuances of craft beer and get to sample all the beers we have on tap.

Your Brew

Can’t get enough of craft beer either? After our tour you have the option to put your newfound craft beer knowledge to work and brew a beer of your own. Under the guidance of our expert brewers, you’ll get to pick one of three secret recipes and create a custom brew. Then, it’s up to us to allow it to mature and brew to perfection. After two weeks your beer will have its debut in our tap room and we’ll offer your brew on tap for up to two weeks.


Taproom Tour

For who: Groups of 4 or 6 people.

When: Every Saturday at 5pm - 6pm.

Where: Louks Brewery.

Cost: $0

Taproom Tour & Brewing Experience

For who: Groups of 4 or 6 people.

When: Every other Saturday starting at 5pm - 9pm.

Where: Louks Brewery.

Cost: $120 per person.

Get Crafty Tour
Get Crafty Tour
Time is TBD
Louks Brewery
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